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How to recover photos from memory card on MAC?

Memory card recovery software for MAC provides solution to recover your all types of lost or deleted photos from memory card on Apple Macintosh OS X installed machines. Memory card data recovery software can recover photos, pictures, videos and other precious data from formatted SD card, MMC card, MiniSD, MicroSD, XD picture card, memory stick (Memory stick PRO, Memory stick PRO DUO, Memory Stick PRO HG-DUO, Memory stick micro m2, Memory stick XC) and other types of memory cards.

Step 1:

Select the storage media and recovery mode
Select the storage media from the list from which you want to recover data. Select the 'Recover Photos' option and Click 'Next' Button.
Step 2:

Select the Searching Criteria
Select the Searching Criteria: Entire Disk or Sector Range. Here we have selected 'Entire Disk' Searching Criteria for demonstration purpose. Browse the path where you want to save recovered data and click 'Next' button to proceed.
If 'Entire Disk' option is selected, DDR Recovery searches lost data in the entire storage of selected disk. If you want to perform recovery within a specific sector range, please select other searching criteria.
To scan the disk using Thorough Scanning Algorithm Search check on 'Also perform DDR Thorough Scanning Algorithm Search' option.
Step 3:

Photos recovery is under process
Above Screen shows Search based on DDR General Recovery Procedure. Once after Searching of images is completed using ‘DDR General Recovery Procedure’ then automatically searching of images is performed using ‘DDR Thorough Scanning Algorithm’.
Step 4:

Photos recovery process is completed
Photos are recovered successfully. To view recovered images click on 'Open Containing Folder' button.
Step 5:

View Recovered Picture
On Clicking 'Open Containing Folder', above screen will be displayed. Click on 'General Recovery Results' folder to view the recovered Picture files using DDR General Recovery Procedure.
Click on 'Omitted (recovered by Thorough Scan)' folder to view the omitted recovered Picture files (using DDR Thorough Scanning Algorithm).
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