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What is CF card?

CompactFlash Card

CompactFlash Card

CF card (Compact Flash card) is a popular memory card produced by SanDisk that contain flash memory to store data on a small card. Compact flash card is the most successful of the early memory card format like SmartMedia, PC card, Miniature Card.

CompactFlash was originally built around Intel's NOR-based flash memory, but has switched to NAND technology. CF is among the oldest and most successful formats, and has held a niche in the professional camera market especially well. It has benefited from both a better cost to memory-size ratio than other formats, (for much of its life) and generally from greater available capacity than other formats.

There are two types of Compact Flash cards named "Type I" and "Type II." Type I cards are 3.3 mm thick, while Type II are 5 mm thick. CompactFlash card is similar in size to the SmartMedia card, but larger than the newer MultiMediaCard and Secure Digital (SD) card. Compact Flash card used in digital camera and PDA devices.

Compact Flash Type I and Type II

There are two types of CF cards including Type I (3.3 mm thick) and the thicker Type II (CF2) cards (5 mm thick). The CompactFlash card Type II slot is used by Microdrives and some other devices, such as the Hasselblad CFV Digital Back for the Hasselblad series of medium format cameras. There are four main speeds of cards including the original CF, CF High Speed (using CF+/CF2.0), a faster CF 3.0 standard and a yet faster CF 4.0 standard that is being adopted as of 2007. The thickness of the CF card type is dictated by the preceding PC Card standard.

CompactFlash is a popular memory card choice for use with personal digital assistants (PDAs) and digital cameras. A high-end version, Ultra CompactFlash, is optimized for more demanding photography, such as a quickly shot succession of high-resolution pictures, or pictures of a moving subject.

CFast Card

A variant of CF card known as CFast Card. CFast supports a higher maximum transfer rate than current CompactFlash cards. CFast is based on the Serial ATA bus, rather than the Parallel ATA/IDE bus for which all previous versions of CompactFlash are designed.

Compact Flash Card Recovery

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