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What is Miniature card?

Miniature Card

Miniature Card

Miniature card is also known as Mini card it is a flash memory card first promoted by intel Corp in 1995. Miniature card was developed for the use of small electronic device including PDA/Palmtops, Digital Audio Recorders, digital cameras and smartphones and other similar electronic device.

The Miniature Card is 37 × 45 × 3.5 mm thick and can have devices on both sides of the substrate. 60-pin connector was a memory-only subset of PCMCIA and featured 16-bit data and 24-bit address bus with 3.3 or 5-volt signaling. The Miniature Card format competed with SmartMedia and CompactFlash cards, also released during the mid-1990s. Although they were all significantly smaller than Type I PC Cards, the CompactFlash and SmartMedia cards were more successful in the consumer electronics market.

Miniature Card is introduced is as a form of flash memory that can save data even without power. This is referred to as "non-volatile memory" and is often used for internal data storage on devices like mobile phones and laptop computers. The small size of a Miniature Card makes it perfect for this use, and such cards can quickly and easily be added or removed from a device. While these cards do not have the storage capacity of a larger hard drive, they can be used to easily add a small amount of memory to a device that does not require a great deal of space for information.

A Miniature Card can also be used as volatile memory, which means that it saves data only as long as it has power. In this way, miniature card acts as a form of Random Access Memory (RAM) that is used to process programs or data on a device. Many small electronics, such as a mobile phone, do not require a great deal of RAM, and the size of a Miniature Card makes it ideal for these purposes. There are other types of hardware that can be used for data storage.

Miniature Card Recovery

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