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What is MMC Card?

MMC Card

MMC Card

MultiMedia Card is flash memory card which is used as storage media for a portable device including as cellular phones, PDAs, smartphones, and digital cameras, music players, video camcorders, and personal computers. MMC card was developed by joint effort of SanDisk and Siemens AG/Infineon Technologies AG. This is similar to the Secure Digital (SD card), and smaller than older memory card formats, such as the SmartMedia card and CompactFlash (CF card). By October 2002, the MultiMediaCard offered a range of storage capacities up to 128 MB.

Types of MMC Card

MMC Plus Card

The version 4.x of the MMC (Multimedia Card) standard was developed in 2005, introduced in two very significant changes to compete against SD cards: support for running at higher speeds (26 MHz and 52 MHz) than the original MMC (20 MHz) or SD (25 MHz, 50 MHz) and a four or eight-bit-wide data bus.

MMC Micro Card

MMCmicro is a micro-size version of MMC. With dimensions of 14 mm × 12 mm × 1.1 mm, it is even smaller and thinner than RS-MMC. Like MMCmobile, MMCmicro supports dual voltage, is backward compatible with MMC, and can be used in full-size MMC and SD slots with a mechanical adapter.

RS-MMC Card (Reduced-Sized Multimedia Card)

RS-MMC was developed in 2004. MMCs also come in a smaller form factor, about half the size: 24 mm × 18 mm × 1.4 mm. This alternate form factor is known as Reduced-Size MultiMediaCard, or RS-MMCs are simply smaller than MMCs; by using a simple mechanical adapter to elongate the card, an RS-MMC can be used in any MMC (or SD) slot. RS-MMCs are currently available in sizes up to and including 2 GB.

Secure MMC Card

An additional, optional, part of the MMC 4.x specification is a DRM (Digital rights management) mechanism intended to enable MMC to compete with SD or Memory Stick in this area.


One of the first substantial changes in MMC was the introduction of dual-voltage cards that support operations at 1.8 V in addition to 3.3 V. Running at lower voltages reduces the card's energy consumption, which is important in mobile devices.

eMMC Card

eMMC describes an architecture consisting of an embedded storage solution with MMC interface, flash memory and controller, all in a small ball grid array (BGA) package.


The MiCard is a backward-compatible extension of the MMC standard with a theoretical maximum size of 2048 GB (2 TB) released in 2007. The card is composed of two detachable parts, much like a microSD card with an SD adapter. The small memory card fits directly in a USB port while it also has MMC-compatible electrical contacts, which with an included electromechanical adapter fits in traditional MMC and SD card readers.

MMC card recovery

If you perform memory card recovery you can use memory card recovery software. Card recovery software helps to recover data from formatted, logically crashed or damaged MMC card.

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