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What is smartmedia?

Smart media

Smart media

Smart media is a flash memory card developed by Toshiba which is used to store data. Smart media card is developed for digital cameras, personal digital assistants (PDAs), digital audio players and other handheld devices. The SmartMedia card had a smaller capacity, ranging from 2MB to 128MB, and physical dimensions of 45mm x 37mm x .76mm.

SmartMedia is similar in size to the CompactFlash card (although significantly thinner), but it is larger than MultiMediaCard and Secure Digital (SD card). A SmartMedia card consists of a single NAND flash chip embedded in a thin plastic card although some higher capacity cards contain multiple, linked chips. It was one of the smallest and thinnest of the early memory cards, only 0.76mm thick, and managed to maintain a favorable cost ratio as compared to the others.

Generally SmartMedia cards were used as storage for portable devices, in a form that could be removed for access by a PCA user could copy the images to a computer with a SmartMedia reader. A reader was typically a small box connected via USB or some other serial connection.

The main advantage that SmartMedia cards have over the other memory cards is that because they read, write, and erase memory in small blocks of data (256 or 512 bytes at a time), you can more precisely select what data you want to save. However, SmartMedia cards aren't as sturdy as the other formats, and so require more careful handling and storage.

SmartMedia cards came in two formats, 5 V and the more modern 3.3 V (sometimes marked 3 V), named for their main supply voltages. The packaging was nearly identical, except for the reversed placement of the notched corner. Many older SmartMedia devices only support 5V SmartMedia cards, whereas many newer devices only support 3.3V cards.

In order to protect 3.3V cards from being damaged in 5V-only devices, the card reader should have some mechanical provision (such as detecting the type of notch) to disallow insertion of an unsupported type of card. Some low-cost, 5V-only card readers do not operate this way, and inserting a 3.3V card into such a 5V-only reader will result in permanent damage to the card. Dual-voltage card readers are highly recommended.

SmartMedia card recovery

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